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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pet Peeve Wednesday

1.  Weeks of putting off laundry has left me with about five loads to get through today.  Despite watching my clothing supply dwindle, I am still moderately surprised each time I have to do laundry.  I think to myself, "Really, laundry again?  Didn't I just do laundry?".  Which I, of course, have not because I put it off like other people put off going to the doctor or dentist.  It's just so unpleasant.  And I can never find my laundry card.

2.  Does anyone else find it gross when something says it is "flavored with meat".  There is a pasta sauce sitting on my counter right now that says exactly that, and I can't help but wonder why they just don't call it meat sauce.    

3.  It was so windy yesterday that I had trouble walking from my car to a restaurant.  And then, when I did finally make it indoors, my hair was so mussed that I looked like a street urchin.  I love you, too, Chicago weather.

4.  Our DVD player is on the fritz.  It skips and freezes, and always at pivotal points in a movie or show.  It's like it senses that this point is the one that will cause most distress in viewers if the screen froze.  Crafty little bugger.

5.  Speaking of the DVD player, we bought a new one about four months back, and as of two seconds ago the new player still sits unused in its box beside the television.  Sometimes I don't understand my family.

6.  And for those of you asking yourself why I don't stop complaining and just fix it myself?  For starters, complaining is more fun.  More to the point, though, technology is a foreign language that I have yet to learn.  Plus there are lots of scary cords.

What's been peeving you guys off this week?  Let it all loose in the comment section!


  1. i love pet peeve wednesday!
    so far what's peeving me is the weather in portland.
    one minute its snowing, the next its sunny, and then it just rains. WHAT am i supposed to wear???
    xx jes

    1. haha, totally feel you with the weather thing! Chicago is the same way!

  2. I need to start a pet peeve day, they're so much fun :) I would have to say my recent pet peeves are...missing the bus, cigarettes, and dito on the weather here in Portland; I just want sun already!!

    1. I hate missing the bus! The worst is when you're heading to the stop and see it driving it away.