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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Most Wednesdays I have a class that goes from 7-9:30 at night.  I'm usually the person who doesn't mind school.  I'm all for the learning.  I even occasionally enjoy it.  This class, though, is absolutely, stabbing- pain-in-the-back-of-your-eye painful.  In my personal version of hell I would be taking this class over and over.  And there would be no good coffee.  Only decaf.

Thankfully, my teacher doesn't mind us bringing our laptops.  This means that for two and a half hours I check the same three websites repeatedly while pretending to understand what's happening at the front of the classroom.  Let me tell you, I am an expert nodder.  I'm of the firm belief that a well placed nod can convince just about anyone that you are actually paying attention.  

Like right now, if you were to virtually nod, I would be convinced that you aren't skipping all of this and going straight to the food photos.

You fooled me!

Anyhoo, during class I was reading my usual three websites and came across an article about January Jones having her placenta ground into pills that she took after she gave birth.  Apparently they aid in weight loss and high energy levels.  That's cool and all but when this baby maker starts making babies, I will not be ingesting my placenta in any form. 

Now that I have thoroughly grossed you out with talk of eating one's placenta, I bring you my lunch of the week!  Because what else, besides food photos, would you really want to see after hearing about placenta eating?

I promise to no longer write the word placenta.

Except for that last time.

It's been weeks since I bought lunch meat (because I am a cheap-o) but it was on sale at Potash and I am a sucker for a good sale.  I picked up a package of ham and have been eating ham and cheese sandwiches like there's going to be a ham-pocalypse or something.  I forgot how fantastic these are.  Super simple.  Super delicious.  

So, go eat some ham.  Or a placenta.

(Sorry, couldn't help myself.)

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