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Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Life = Complete

I need to share something with you all. Earlier this month I sent Giada DeLaurentiis a tweet. It had something to do with her cookies or something (rather silly, actually) and I never expected her to actually read it or respond.

My life is officially complete.

Oh..and if you have a twitter feel free to follow me! I occasionally say amusing things.


  1. I'd probably piss my pants out of excitement. And I'm gonna go follow you asap!

  2. omg! That is too cool! SO JEALOUS!

  3. i can understand - it's always fun getting acknowledged by a celeb! i freaked out when dj from full house started following me

  4. Oh my gosh, I would be SO excited! I love Giada! It's funny how it's possible to almost be starstruck through the computer :)

  5. That is really awesome! I am a huge Giada fan...

  6. That is AWESOME! Giada is my fave.. I have a bunch of her DVDs!!