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Exercise Log

This page has been created to hopefully make us accountable for our workouts each week.

January 2nd-8th
Monday: Phase 1 Day 1 Jamie Eason Live Fit Trainer
Tuesday: Phase 1 Day 2 " "
Wednesday: Phase 1 Day 3 " "
Thursday: Phase 1 Day 4 " "
Friday: Dog walk, 1 hour
Saturday: Rest

Liz (hello!!)
January 2nd-January 8th
Monday: Kickboxing, 1 hour
Tuesday: Rest day
Wednesday: Pilates, 20 minutes
Thursday: Biggest Loser Workout, 40 minutes
Friday: Gaiam Kickboxing, 20 minutes
Saturday: Rest day 
Sunday:  Kickboxing, 1 hour and Tai Chi, 15 minutes

January 9th-January 15th
Monday: Pilates, 30 minutes
Tuesday: Biggest Loser Workout, 30 minutes
Wednesday: Pilates, 30 minutes
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: Kickboxing, 1 hour
Saturday: Pilates, 30 minutes

January 16th-January 22nd
Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: Kickboxing, 20 minutes
Wednesday: Pilates, 30 minutes
Thursday: Denise Austin Cardio, 40 minutes
Friday: Pilates, 30 minutes

January 23rd-January 29th
Monday: Pilates, 30 minutes
Tuesday: Kickboxing, 1 hour
Wednesday: Pilates, 1 hour
Thursday:  Rest Day
Friday:  Pilates, 30 minutes

January 30-February 5
Monday:  Pilates, 30 minutes
Tuesday:  Pilates, 1 hour
Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday: Jillian Michaels workout, 30 minutes
Friday, Pilates, 30 minutes
Saturday: Kickboxing, 50 minutes
Sunday: Rest Day

February 6-February 12
Monday: Pilates, 40 minutes
Tuesday: Pilates, 25 minutes
Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday: Pilates, 20 minutes; Kickboxing Arms Workout, 15 minutes
Friday: Daily Balance Arms Workout, Pilates
Saturday:  Kickboxing
Sunday: Rest

February 13-February 19
Monday: Daily Balance Arms Workout, Pilates
Tuesday:  Rest Day
Wednesday:  Pure Lazy Day
Thursday:  15 minutes FIRM Cardio Boot Camp; 10 min arms; 10 min standing abs (hello sweat!)
Friday: Skip
Saturday: Skip
Sunday: 40 minutes strength routine

February 27-March 4
Monday: Sick
Tuesday: Sick
Wendesday: Sick
Thursday: 20 minutes cardio
Friday: None
Saturday: None
Sunday: Kickboxing, 25 minutes

March 5-March 11
Monday: 30 minutes, lower body routine
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 30 minutes, kickboxing

March 12-March 18
Monday: None
Tuesday: Kickboxing, 20 minutes
Wednesday: Abs and Arms, 20 minutes
Thursday: Walk, 1 hour
Friday: Kickboxing, 30 minutes
Saturday: Walk, 2 hours
Sunday: Walk, 1 hour

March 19-March 25
Monday: Kickboxing
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Walk, 1 hour
Thursday: Kickboxing
Friday: Off
Saturday: Kickboxing

April 2nd-April 8th
Monday: Couch to 5K Day 1 (2 miler)
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday:  Couch to 5K Day 2 (2 miler)
Thursday:  Pilates, 30 minutes