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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Banana Bread Caper

Good morning!

Jen here on this gloomy Wednesday morning in Chicago but I am surprisingly in a good mood
because 1) My two hour class was cancelled and 2) I have a bright highlighter green shirt on! I love bright color shirts, they put me in a better mood and I think they are fun!

Exhibit A:

But I was quite sad when I was looking forward to a big slice of the banana bread I made last night, but when I went into the kitchen, there was only 1/3 of the loaf left and there were two of them last night!

I think it is time to call in the authorities because we have a banana bread caper on the loose!

I was happy to say that I did slice myself a piece of banana and kept to the theme of bananas for all of breakfast!

Exhibit B: Banana bread, banana granola on top yogurt and bananas! Oh and pineapple.

Disregard the fact that pineapple is not sticking with the theme completely. It was worth it though, I assure you! It was so sweet and juicy!

I may have more later while I work on some of my reading before class. Or perhaps I will have another slice of banana bread before the caper returns.

Enjoy your day!

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