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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Vacationers

For the past week I have been on vacation and being the irresponsible blogger that I am, I neglected to tell any of you. Here are some pictures as a peace offering.

My parents and I started off in Virginia to visit my brother where he goes to graduate school. Our first big trip was to a little town called Alexandria that was so cute I was ready to plop myself on a street corner and declare it my new home.

The Wharf aka Where I Met and Promptly Devoured My First Po' Boy

Stan and I in the typical posed photo. My dad took about eighteen of these. I am sparing you by only showing one. You're welcome.

The beautiful Alexandria boardwalk. By this point in the day I was so hungry that I wanted to eat the railing. A few minutes after this picture I was spared lead poisoning by an ice cream cone.

Next stop was Washington DC. We went last year and had seen most of the Smithsonian in a marathon eight hour day. The only part that we missed was the Air and Space Museum. Well, friends, we definitely made up for it.

Nearly four glorious hours in there. My father thought he was in heaven. I thought I was somewhere else. Still, it was fascinating to see the exhibits. And I suppose my dad deserved to see something he actually liked. He was paying, after all. Enjoy these photos sans descriptions. This tour guide neglected to read the nifty little placards.

Over the next few days we saw Merchant of Venice (where an actor actually scolded a woman for her un-silenced cell phone DURING the performance), Civil War battle grounds, Arlington National Cemetery, and Mount Vernon. I also was supposedly nearly robbed on the Metro. The verdict is still out on that one.

Bull Run. There were reenactors. I giggled quite a lot. Whether that was due to the reenactors or my heat-induced state of delirium is unknown.

View of DC from Lee's home at Arlington Cemetery.

Voguing at Mt. Vernon

Goofing at Mr. Vernon

And that is the trip! It was absolutely wonderful to spend some time with my brother and I look forward to our next trip to visit him. Tip Top Shape will return with its regularly scheduled programming on Tuesday! I have a nice cookie recipe for you :)


  1. Aw sounds like a fabulous vacation! Can't wait to see that recipe :)

  2. I dragged my 6-year-old to every DC museum last year and really? We had a lovely time. There is something to be said for a little culture here and there - it does us good. :)

    I love the humorous way you talk about your family. I can so relate to the 18 pictures!

  3. I love these pictures! This looks like an amazing trip :)

  4. Hey daaahling, what a lovely little adventure. Sounds like you had fun and your pictures are sweet :D
    I've always wanted to try a po'boy.
    *kisses* HH

  5. I grew up in Northern Virginia, so I've seen all these places. The Air and Space Museum does tend to make dads orgasmic. Mine is the same. I like Old Town Alexandria quite a lot. It's super cute. Mt. Vernon is stunning insofar as all the beds are very short. People must not have grown that much in the old days.