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Thursday, July 14, 2011


I have a very love/hate relationship with these cookies.

Obviously they're pretty. And the royal icing is the perfect sweetness when you bite into it, the sugar cookie beneath stunningly buttery with slight undertones of vanilla and almond.

They're good cookies. It's just that they take a bazillion hours to make. Okay, that might be a slightly hyperbolic statement. But, say, five hours is not. The dough has to chill and then you have to roll it out-and anyone who has seen me rolling dough can attest that it's not a pretty sight. It usually ends with dough bunched around the rolling pin and me throwing things.

Cookie cutters get some action. 8-10 minutes and cookies come out of the oven looking so darn cute that I almost look forward to icing them. And for a bit, I actually do. The creative part of my brain (left side?) gets all sorts of happy and I plan out color blocking and detailing. It's actually pretty fun until two hours have passed and I still have more stupid detailing to finish due to my stupid left side of my brain.

And I hate them. I hate the cookies; and the crick in my back; and the way that one line came out squiggly because I squeezed the piping bag too much. And then they are finished.

And I love them. I love them all the way until I stupidly decide to make them again.

Royal Icing Cookies: the ultimate love/hate relationship.


  1. I have a love/hate relationship with cookies in general...I LOVE to eat them...but I HATE to eat them - because I have absolutely NO self-control. Ugh.

  2. Awww... this post was kinda cute. Not that 5 hours of slaving over cookies is "cute", but just the way it's written. I love that you still love them enough to wipe away the hate long enough to get yourself psyched up to make them again. ;)

  3. I don't even try to master the icing process since I can barely get a sugar cooking to work out. These are really cute!

  4. haha - yes they do seem complicated! id be happy to eat a cookie like that, maybe not patient enough to make them :).