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Thursday, November 17, 2011


In light of your positive feedback on my Xoco post, I have decided to go ahead and continue with my Chicago restaurant series! It is entitled Dine Out Chicago. Yes, it is a play on Time Out Chicago. Yes, I did think of that on my own. I know. I am astoundingly clever. Without further adieu, I give you my rambling and hopefully coherent thoughts on Chicago's very own Grahamwich.

Oh Grahamwich, I had such high expectations for you. Remember when we met a few months back and I had the most delicious sundae with nutella hot fudge? Remember how I ate myself silly and left with a dull ache in my stomach, due no less to leaving you than the eighty pounds of ice cream consumed?

I dreamt of our next meeting with nearly giddy anticipation.

Reunited and it feels so goooood.

But then you had to serve me salad in a plastic to-go container, while my friends were delivered sandwiches on the cutest trays. I am still smarting from that slight.

I went to Grahamwich with my friends last week and had a less than stellar experience. Before tackling that, though, I need to touch on the decor. If I were judging Grahamwich on styling alone it would win every award known to mankind. I am that in love with its styling.

The website describes how Grahamwich, the invention of super chef Graham Elliot, is an attempt to "redefine what a sandwich shop could and should be". And that is exactly what Grahamwich does. It's quirky and niche-y with its homemade soda pops and decadent snacks like popcorn smothered in truffle oil, parmesan, and chives. Yet, it still has your classic grilled cheese and roast beef sandwich.

And it's just darn cute inside.

I feel somewhat disingenuous moving on to the food portion of this post, because I don't think I chose something indicative of the general quality of Grahamwich's offering. Therefore, take what I am about to say with a hefty grain of salt.

I ordered the G'wich salad from the Snacks menu. The salad is described as:

mixed greens + shaved fennel + toasted almonds + pink grapefruit + white balsamic

Now, I thought this sounded pretty good. In retrospect it wasn't awful, but I was so turned off by the lack of actual dining ware that it ruined the salad for me.

This is possibly the worst picture I have ever taken. See, even my camera revolted at all that plastic.

Would it have been that difficult to give me a bowl? Or at least real cutlery?

In the interest of not completely slamming Grahamwich, both of my friends enjoyed their sandwiches immensely. I probably will go back sometime soon and try a sandwich. Or demand a bowl for my salad.


  1. Haha at least there were cute guys!! And I'm def getting the popcorn next time....so good.


  2. It is called grahamWICH after all Liz :) Anyway jealous that I'm no longer in Chicago and can't go on food adventures with you.

  3. Ashley--Next time you are in town I will give Grahamwich another go!!

  4. I hate eating or drinking out of plastic...that's why I refuse to go to Starbucks! They never give me a real mug and look at me like I'm nuts when I ask for it. Drives me bananas.

  5. Poor you!
    I would not have felt self-concious, though. But that's just moi-self.

  6. Wow, plastic... really? That is pretty bad. But the place does look cute!

  7. This place reminds me of a restaurant I saw in Vegas in Mandalay Bay. I forgot the name of it tho. Haha is the food actually good there tho?

  8. I am turned off by sloppy presentations/lack of effort too. But the sandwiches and popcorn with truffle oil do sound good! And nutella hot fudge?!? *swoon*

  9. totally craving that ITALIAN GRINDER!!! <3