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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ways To NOT Get The Girl

Sometimes male behavior baffles me. Football. Halo. Steady diets of Pepsi and frozen pizza. I just don't get it. The worst, though, are some of their pickup tactics.

Really? That's the best you've got?

Now, I don't mean to speak against all men. Some guys are capable of hitting on a girl without being creepy, inappropriate, or a blowhard. It happens. Other times, well...I will let them speak for themselves.

1) Randomly asking me on a street corner if I'd heard Steve Jobs died -- I don't live under a rock. And I still don't want to talk to you.

2) Nonchalantly telling me at a bar how you took the LSAT for fun and got a 165 --First off, you're not fooling anyone. Second, it's not impressive-it's pretty douchebaggy.

3) Complimenting me on my butt -- Back up partner--this isn't a rap video.

4) Leering at me from your car while you are physically moving -- You're officially a hazard to everyone's health and I am still not interested. Congratulations.

What are your bad pickups? I know you have some stories!


  1. This guy in a gas station once sent his nephew over to me to tell me his uncle thought I was cute. Bizarre!

  2. A guy once tried to pick me up in the Wal*Mart parking lot before. Coming up to me saying "Yo gurl, lemmie get yo numba." Uhh...no.

    Some guys just don't get the picture. Like, complimenting your butt?? Honestly..does that work with any girl?? If it does, I feel sorry for her.

  3. Rachel had a guy on the BloNo transit ask her what her sign was. I didn't know we lived in 1970 still.

  4. I was actually asked to bend over once. I also got stalked through a Meijer with the guy yelling 'eh baby, eh baby"

  5. So what are THE top 5 ways TO pick up a girl?! LOL.

  6. Hi!
    I've had someone say "what is your number?" at a high-school college summer program. The guy was a little.... creepy. I'm sure he didn't mean to be, but it was enough to make me uncomfortable. He would hang out around me whenever we had group activities after "classes", and would joke around. I just tolerated them, and was never swayed by what he said. I acted cheerful, but never "romantic". Just friendly.
    And hey, I'm glad I found you guys! Lets be friends!
    Kit-Kat (Katie)