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Friday, September 9, 2011

How to Get Your Mojo Back

Ladies and gents I have hit a rut. A workout rut that is. Sorority recruitment prevented me from working out for a week plus a bad knee injury has given me a grand total of two weeks off from working out.

Two weeks away from my beloved running shoes, my beloved Nike workout shorts and oddly enough, the beloved treadmill. The treadmill had become my best friend when I was training for my half marathon especially during those hot, unbearable summer days.

Speaking of which...not running for two weeks has severely killed my training plan. Here's hoping that my knee will hold up throughout the training and that my physical therapist can actually determine what is specifically wrong with my knee. *Insert crossing of fingers here*

But here is my problem. How do I get back into the swing of things?

What workout mantras do you use? What songs get you charged up? How do I get my workout mojo back?


  1. I lost my gym mojo a while back and while I can't say my workouts are anywhere near where they used to be I get myself to exercise for a minimum of one hour a day by telling myself I can do anything I want...yoga...walking...swimming, etc. That seems doable and since I like doing those things it works for me.

  2. Find something that you enjoy, that always helps with me. Whenever I get in a rut and don't want to do the same old elliptical, then I know it is time for some new workout videos, getting outdoors to workout or hitting the pool. Good luck!!

  3. The main thought that gets me out the door is just that- get out the door. That's the hardest part! Then once you get to the gym or out for a run..it comes naturally. Maybe not at first, but don't give up an it'll be second nature again in no time.