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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sledding Adventure

I have a bad history with sledding. When I was younger I went with my family and after tumbling off my sled with about as much dignity as someone spitting snow can, I decided it was not an activity for me.

My friends convinced me to try again this winter. And I came to some conclusions:

1) Walking in snow is very difficult. Particularly dragging a sled.

2) You end up looking like a marshmallow.

3) Snow gets everywhere. You get snow in places you didn't even know it was possible to get snow.

4) I make ridiculous faces. A lot of them.

5) In the end, friends make you forget all the snow in awkward places and loss of feeling in half your body. Some hot cocoa helps, too.

They are going to kill me for posting this..haha

Any sledding fans out there??


  1. I used to love it, but really all the reasons you listed have left me not as interested any more. Besides, it is rare that we get a good sledding snow here in Atlanta. Hot cocoa definitely makes it worth it though!

  2. I love it although havent been in a long, long time. The house I grew up on wsas literally on top of a hill so it was perfect. But since moving, all the hills are on roads so it's not exactly the best idea to be out there.

  3. I'm not going to kill you. On the contrary I just awwed because I was just reminded of how much fun we had that day!

  4. Aww you guys are so cute! Looks like fun (even if it is crazy cold). :)

  5. Sledding is a blast!

    Although in 4th grade I fractured my shoulder because someone on a sled made me fly off my feet and land on my arm.

  6. Can you believe I've never been sledding before? But I'm heading to Minneapolis tomorrow so it might actually happen. Assuming I don't freeze to death. It's not looking promising though!

  7. Love sledding! Somehow I always manage to injure myself though...

    That's when I know the day is over! :)

  8. Sledding is so much fun but we never get enough snow for it!!

  9. i have never been "officially sledding" though i have gone down a snowy hill on a cafeteria tray...

  10. glad to hear you're taking advantage of the snow!