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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Trip to Far Distant Lands

Hi all!

It's Jen and I have some pretty exciting news. In approximately 5 days I have leaving on a two week cruise to Europe and the Mediterranean! I consider myself very fortunate for this opportunity to explore Europe with my family and grandparents for that long of time and will definitely not be taking it for granted :) But... I definitely need some help as I approach the trip in full speed after my last final tomorrow. So what I am asking from you all is:

-What are some good books you recommend me taking along? Just fun reading books that I can take on the long plane rides, before bed and in the airport?

-What are you tips for eating relatively-healthy on vacation? As well as in the airport. (We have a three hour layover in London).

-If you have been to either London,Rome, Italy, Greece or Istanbul, Turkey--What are some recommended restaurants or dishes I have to try while I am there?

-What is weather like there and what are some essential I will be needing? Like clothes, etc.

(Note: This is my first time to Europe so I am in fact clueless when it comes to stuff like that. I am in fact an interior design and art history major and minor so when it comes to architecture and sight-seeing I have that one down!)

Thanks for your help and expect some amazing food and sight seeing pictures :)

xoxo Jen (I am literally having trouble sitting still as I type this).


  1. Oh my goodness, how exciting! Italy is oh so fabulous. Definitely eat the pizza and drink the wine! Try to pack relatively light but bring layers -- it will be really warm in Europe in the summer, so you should only need summer clothes. Get a guidebook, but don't get too stuck on itineraries -- there is so much wonder to just stumble upon. As for books to read, try Girl with Dragoon Tattoo series.

  2. I love Italy and you need to get gelato while you are there, you will never want ice cream again! Not sure if you are going to Capri or Sorrento but if so you need to try the lemoncello.

  3. How wonderful, I cant wait to hear all about your wonderful adventures. Here are my recommendations: For Italy, Grom gelato, and for your 3 hour stop in London, you can go to Southall (if you like Indian food). Its not far from Heathrow, and you can get some amazing samosas at a place called shaeen shah (its on my blog).
    Enjoy yourself daaaahling.
    *kisses* HH

  4. Ahh! This is so exciting! I cannot wait to see pictures/hear stories!!

    I love light reads like the Shopoholic series by Sophie Kinsella - they always make me smile :)