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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Salami Roll-Up with Fontina Cheese

A lot of my recipes come from just throwing stuff together. I usually get back to my apartment right after class, my stomach protesting too loudly for me to actually leaf through a cookbook. My favorite thing to make for lunch (besides Annie's Organic Indian Samosas, so good) are sandwiches.

I love creating sandwiches. They're quick, easy, and usually make a dent in all the random leftovers I have lurking in the refrigerator. This one is not too exotic, but it's still tasty! Salami is paired with smooth fontina cheese. Whole grain mustard is a must here. The extra bite works beautifully with the cheese.

Salami Roll-Up with Fontina Cheese


Fontina Cheese
Wrap (I used Ezekiel)
Whole Grain Mustard


  1. I love almost anything in a wrap! YUM!

  2. Ooh this sounds so good! Especially with the mustard!

  3. Can I just tell you, I just discovered Fontina this summer? It blew my mind and then I went out and bought a pound of it and ate a grilled cheese sandwich for every meal. Lovely.

    Great combo with the salami :)

  4. Oh I'm sure this combination of flavors is great together!

  5. looks good, you will have to make one for me when you get home. signed your dad