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Monday, September 20, 2010

Cafe Descartes

Good morning everyone!!

You may not know this about me but I sort of like coffee. And by sort of like I mean that I give Lorelai Gilmore a run for her money. Living in the city, I am determined to test what Chicago has to offer and find the best non-Starbucks coffee.

A note on Starbucks- I don't dislike the place. We all know I am a slave to their pumpkin spice lattes and they make a darn good cappuccino. The problem is that every city has a Starbucks. There is nothing unique about them. There is nothing special.

Enter Cafe Descartes

This place is ├╝ber-cool. The decor features a slew of philosophers and it has a really European and relaxed vibe.

Oh, and there's coffee.

While the cafe really did not work for the studying I intended on doing there (the music was WAY too loud) I thought the coffee was decent. While it is not the best coffee I've had in the city (Intelligentsia and Lavazza-more on that later) it still was decent and I would go back just for the ambiance. And to see the owner ranting in a foreign language. Free entertainment, anyone?

So, if you are ever in Chicago make sure to check out Cafe Descartes!


  1. What a cute blog! So proud of you girls staying healthy in college! Quite a commemorable feat :-)

  2. this sounds amazing! if i ever make it up there i will definitely be checking this one out :)

  3. don't drink coffee anymore, but i still love a good cafe!

  4. I am not a huge coffee person but I do love finding unique little cafes!! This one looks very cute.